Oracle Fusion Training

Oracle Fusion Training in a broader perspective view can be termed as Oracle Fusion Applications. Particularly, it is a gateway for upcoming technologies in the software ecosystem. Basically, it is confined to various suites of multiple wings like Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP),Human Capital Management(HCM),FusionFinancials, Project Portfolio Management, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM),Governance ,Risk and Compliance (GRC).

Brief elaboration of fusion applications ,as summarized below in following categories:

Human Capital Management(HCM):
Human Capital Management (HCM) is a group of methods related to people resource management, which is to approach to an employee staffing that indicates people’s money as assets basically a human capital. Here the current value of an asset can be measured and the future value can be enhanced through investment. Generally, it is implemented in three categories based on certain practices such as workforce acquisition, workforce management, and workforce optimization

Customer Relationship Management(CRM):
CRM is basically defined to certain terms like analyzing customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle by improving relationships with them. It also comprises of strategies,technologies,practices where companies used to manage their dealings with customers through few aspects like live chat, direct mail, social media, company’s website, online marketing materials, telephone which pertains to database system .CRM software provides automation for various workflow processes such as tasks, calendar, alerts and also by giving the managers the ability to track the performance as well as the productivity based on the information logged within the system.

Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP):
Enterprise Resource Planning is a software tool which is built to collect and manage data from different levels of industries to deliver the resources of services and management within the loop of business firms based on backend software functions. The major areas where ERP can be integrated is planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, human resources. It is a process by which a company can manage and integrate the important parts of the business system. The important goal of the enterprise is to facilitate the flow of data so that business can be data-driven simultaneously.

Fusion Financials:
Fusion Financials is a platform for transforming the data access usage with real-time intelligence in a native manner .It is a full-fledged financial management ecosystem which consists of varieties of suites of applications such as account payables, taxes, account receivables, general ledger, cash management, fixed assets, and expenses. Fusion Financials is a globalized application and a benchmark to help end users by increasing their business processes.

Supply Chain Management(SCM):
SCM is driven to particular areas of engineering operations and business processes which are useful for a comprehensive approach in the business field simultaneously. Basically, the marketing channels play an important role in supply chain management .SCM can be termed as the management flow of goods and services which involves the movement of work in process from point of origin to point of consumption. Here the interlinked networks, channels, and node businesses are combined in the provision of products and services which are required by end customers in a supply chain wing.

Oracle Fusion Training:
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