Oracle Fusion Financials – Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

Oracle Fusion Financial is an amazing tool to incentivize the information sharing and productivity with real time intelligence in any financial environment. It covers various application like account receivable and payment management, supply chain management, cash management, collection expense management. Through this the user gets more standardized and flexible work interface. Here is a list which covers different features and benefits of the Oracle Fusion Financial.

  1. Unique stage for Multiple Reporting: It provides the real time financial data which minimizes the errors. Large data and information can be dumped for better decision making and analytics.
  2. Embedded Intelligence: All the information is updated through transactional intelligence with the most relevant contexts. It enhances the efficiency of the organization. User gets the real time data analysis to meet the real business requirements.
  3. Integration of Spreadsheets: It offers the integration of large data sheets and can export findings from any of the tables in the system. Hence a normal user can work with great precision without any formal training.
  4. Collaboration of various authorities: Oracle Fusion Financial offers option to communicate with various levels like the initiators and can access details like e mail, location, contact, mobile number etc. It can also send instant messages for speed and accuracy.
  5. Role Based dashboards: It promotes transactions automatically if they require immediate action. Here one need not run numerous queries to search data; user gets to know the exact thing by logging in. Hence it guides the firm in the right direction and in the right approach.

All these features and benefits can be applied in various modules of Oracle Fusion financial ranging to cash management, sub ledger accounting, assets, receivables, payment and collection and others. The right implementation of the modules minimizes the cost and at the same time increases the productivity with standardization and customization.

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