Oracle Fusion Financials – Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

Oracle Fusion Financial is an amazing tool to incentivize the information sharing and productivity with real time intelligence in any financial environment. It covers various application like account receivable and payment management, supply chain management, cash management, collection expense management. Through this the user gets more standardized and flexible work interface. Here is a list which covers different features and benefits of the Oracle Fusion Financial.

  1. Unique stage for Multiple Reporting: It provides the real time financial data which minimizes the errors. Large data and information can be dumped for better decision making and analytics.
  2. Embedded Intelligence: All the information is updated through transactional intelligence with the most relevant contexts. It enhances the efficiency of the organization. User gets the real time data analysis to meet the real business requirements.
  3. Integration of Spreadsheets: It offers the integration of large data sheets and can export findings from any of the tables in the system. Hence a normal user can work with great precision without any formal training.
  4. Collaboration of various authorities: Oracle Fusion Financial offers option to communicate with various levels like the initiators and can access details like e mail, location, contact, mobile number etc. It can also send instant messages for speed and accuracy.
  5. Role Based dashboards: It promotes transactions automatically if they require immediate action. Here one need not run numerous queries to search data; user gets to know the exact thing by logging in. Hence it guides the firm in the right direction and in the right approach.

All these features and benefits can be applied in various modules of Oracle Fusion financial ranging to cash management, sub ledger accounting, assets, receivables, payment and collection and others. The right implementation of the modules minimizes the cost and at the same time increases the productivity with standardization and customization.

Oracle introduces Oracle Order Management Cloud and Oracle Global Order Promising Cloud

Oracle Order Management Cloud

Oracle Order Management Cloud is an order details and fulfillment cloud solution that is tightly integrated with Oracle Global Order Promising Cloud. It is designed to develop order handling across the order to cash process. The pre-integration centrally managed orchestration policies, global activity, and fulfillment monitoring can enable improved user satisfaction and order profitability.

 Oracle Order Management Cloud includes following key benefits:

  1. Centralized Order Monitoring: Centralized views of order allow users to look for orders, view status, and see a summary of exceptions of customer, supplier, product, and drill down into the data to view additional details.
  2. Manage Order Exceptions: Proactively identify the orders that may not meet promise dates and take correct actions and avoid user dissatisfaction. Prioritize back orders to maximize key fulfillment metrics.
  3. Execute Against Predictable Order Orchestration Policies: Business users can implement, define, and maintain their own fulfillment orchestration policies without the need to resort to technical tools lowering system cost and decreasing IT infrastructure complexity.
  4. Change Management: Centralized Change order logic supports consistent handling of order changes and revisions across all orders lowering order bugs and processing costs.

Oracle Global Order Promising Cloud:

It provides accurate, fast, automated order promising capability on the cloud to source and schedule each order line to help minimize fulfillment costs and maximize customer service.

Oracle Global Order Promising Cloud includes following key benefits:

  1. Take Control of fulfillment sources, timing, and delivery: It matches the demand with available inventory inbound shipments, purchase orders, and requisitions consider all potential supply sources and leverage future supply.
  2. Respond to changing business conditions: It can handle most orders in lights-out fashion, enforcing corporate fulfillment policies while saving money on administration, inventory, and logistics costs.
  3. Select the lowest cost delivery method that meets the customer need: Selects the better delivery source and method with the lowest fulfillment cost to meet the customer’s delivery date while improving margins and maintaining customer satisfaction.
  4. Support multiple fulfillment options: It expands the fulfillment option to include inbound supply, manufacturing capacity, and supplier availability to leverage all available sources and stay competitive.
  5. Limit Availability of high demand items: Demand classes identify a particular quantity, percentage, and ratio of supply with a specific customer or channel and restrict orders for limited items to those groups you specify.

Oracle Fusion Training in Hyderabad

Through our Oracle Fusion training program, you will be able to Oracle Fusion learn new concepts regarding introduction to Oracle Fusion Financials, Enterprise Structure Concepts, Oracle Fusion – General Ledger, Expenses, Receivable’s, Assets, Cash Management, Taxation, etc., Oracle Fusion real time project essentials and data science placement training which we provide through Oracle Fusion training in Hyderabad.
Oracle Fusion Training is comprised of following functions which generally may refer to:
Oracle Fusion Architecture, It is a standard-based comprehensive technology reference blueprint for building applications.
Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM), where the middleware technology stack generally on which Oracle applications were built using Oracle Fusion Architecture as a blueprint.
Oracle Fusion Applications (OFA), The Oracle applications are built on top of the Oracle Fusion Middleware technology stack using Oracle Fusion Architecture as a blueprint.

The concepts of training which are provided through Oracle Fusion Training in Hyderabad are categorized below of the following functions:
Enterprise Structure Concepts
Oracle Fusion General Ledger
Oracle Fusion Expenses
Oracle Fusion Payables
Oracle Fusion Receivables
Oracle Fusion Assets
Oracle Cash Management
Fusion Taxation
Basically the Oracle Fusion Training is a software service oriented platform and its applications generally suited to join our next-generation enterprise technologies, applications, and services, including Oracle Fusion Applications and also Oracle Fusion Middleware, accurately so to change the dynamics in the applications in today’s marketplace and revolutionize the business processes which can happen, by how we provide through our Oracle Fusion training. Generally, the Oracle Fusion applications are expected to be utilized.Drastically this change will allow the browser-based applications to look and feel more like traditional client/server-based systems to support end users. One of such example of where DHTML will improve performance is that with HTML, so gradually changes to be occurred on the screen which requires the entire page to be reloaded. So, by only refreshing those areas of a screen that need to react to the user’s actions, then the page is updated more rapidly. Another potential use of the application is the addition of drag-and-drop capabilities to the application. Oracle has already started incorporating some of the fusion technology (for example oracle application server) into the latest People Tools releases. They have also started moving towards service-oriented architecture ,for example with application packages in many of the applications which can be learned through Oracle Fusion training.
Oracle as a touting Project Fusion as an application that which contains a “superset of features” from Oracle, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards. Which is really mean to the companies like that are operating their businesses on current versions of these applications that happen through Oracle Fusion training.

Standardized qualities of our trainers through Oracle Fusion Training in Hyderabad:
Our industry experts have more than 10+ Years of experience in Oracle Fusion Technologies
We have worked on 10 real-time Oracle Fusion projects
Our trainers are professionals who are working in an MNC company
We have trained 1000+ Students so far.
With strong theoretical & practical Knowledge
Our Trainers are Oracle Fusion certified Professionals.
Overview of Oracle Fusion Training in Hyderabad:
We also provide real-time and placement oriented Oracle Fusion training in Hyderabad. Our course content structure includes basic to advanced level and also designed to get the placement in MNC companies in a full-fledged manner, once you complete the Oracle Fusion training course. Our trainers are certified industry experts and experienced working professionals with hands on real time multiple experience Oracle Fusion projects knowledge. We have designed our course curriculum and structure should be based on students requirement to current industry standards. Oracle Fusion Training in Hyderabad is equipped with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. We also provide Oracle Fusion training path for our students in Hyderabad through world-class technology and classroom based web training.

Oracle Fusion Financials Training

Oracle Fusion Financials is designed and developed to work with a suite of Oracle Fusion Applications. Oracle Fusion Financials is a standardized, quality-based set of integrated financials modules that is much more proficient than by another financial application. Oracle Fusion Financials offers a versatile state of the art- reporting platform which is natively constructed   on top of an analytic data warehouse model. It is a single step based posting ,from transactions to the analytic data model which ensures a consistent, timely, and accurate information for both management and external reporting through fusion financial applications.

It’s a transformed reporting platform because the native business intelligence system has set up a new standard for finance and also fundamentally it changes the way of financial professionals work to be done simultaneously. Unlike regarding all traditional financial systems, there are some cases which consider decision support and intelligence as an afterthought, Oracle Fusion Financials delivers an unprecedented business insight to all users.

Additional Values for Existing Oracle Fusion Financial Applications: 

One of the finest parts of reporting is the way when the data is summarized with tree-like capability; it also allows you to see data at any level of detail and by actually seeing the balances. That goes the way through beyond some of the things which you will be seeing in other software. Applying innovatively by out-of-box the image integration dramatically improves the invoice processing and also eliminates the need for costly third-party solutions. Oracle Fusion Financials comprises a wide range of suites of applications such as fixed asset tracking criteria, expense management system, tax management and cash management functionality in financial ecosystem.

Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub, which offers the reporting and integration platform very effectively to drive a coexistence method with our present financial systems. It is also designed to distribute the requirements in coexistence with E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and other enterprise resources planning systems in a financial processing. Oracle Fusion Financials Applications also have the vision to bring the technology altogether. And finally, it’s all about the user experience. How we can do our job so much quicker and more efficiently and with less opportunity for error because the system works the way exactly, that we do. So, generally, this kind of innovation should come in financial ecosystem. It is also used to increase our financial business firms for future growth and decrease IT costs. If you choose one module or product family or the entire suite, Oracle enables you to gain the benefits of Oracle Fusion Applications at a pace that matches your business needs.

Oracle Fusion Financial Applications fetches you to change your business processes & needs into a gen-x enterprise and which are based on the following core functions:

Fusion General Ledger: Where you can enter journals, correct journal import errors, and upload currency conversion rates within a spreadsheet.

Fusion Payables: Where you can enter supplier invoices and correct invoice import errors.

Fusion Assets: Where you can prepare asset source lines and complete asset details within a spreadsheet and then import them.

Fusion Expenses: Where your employees can enter their expense reports in Excel.

Fusion Receivables: Where you can process customers receipts and remittance information.

These are a bunch of products which are built to store and analyze financial information on a worldwide financial analysis. It also reduces the time exhausted on ineffective searches done by consumers with the specific information they need at right time. 

Oracle Fusion Financials Training:

Oracle Fusion Financial Training creates a huge impact on the students by providing versatile classes with a World-class curriculum and Classroom web training digitally in reaching out to multiple students, technology geeks, and job professionals, corporate in the technology sector. We offer online as well as offline training in a smart way through internet & web based classes with real-time projects and standardized course content by using digital terminology. We have 10+ years of experienced highly qualified faculty and industry expert professionals, who teach in a very empowering manner to students and job professionals within our well-established labs and classrooms. Basically, by our training  methodology, students can experience the way of learning by acquiring the required knowledge  based on new skill-sets ,as it will  boost’s them to upgrade themselves in particular paths by utilizing the current opportunities in the latest market trends. We assure you our best of the services by igniting your caliber and providing accurate training by our programs.

Oracle Fusion Training

Oracle Fusion Training in a broader perspective view can be termed as Oracle Fusion Applications. Particularly, it is a gateway for upcoming technologies in the software ecosystem. Basically, it is confined to various suites of multiple wings like Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP),Human Capital Management(HCM),FusionFinancials, Project Portfolio Management, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM),Governance ,Risk and Compliance (GRC).

Brief elaboration of fusion applications ,as summarized below in following categories:

Human Capital Management(HCM):
Human Capital Management (HCM) is a group of methods related to people resource management, which is to approach to an employee staffing that indicates people’s money as assets basically a human capital. Here the current value of an asset can be measured and the future value can be enhanced through investment. Generally, it is implemented in three categories based on certain practices such as workforce acquisition, workforce management, and workforce optimization

Customer Relationship Management(CRM):
CRM is basically defined to certain terms like analyzing customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle by improving relationships with them. It also comprises of strategies,technologies,practices where companies used to manage their dealings with customers through few aspects like live chat, direct mail, social media, company’s website, online marketing materials, telephone which pertains to database system .CRM software provides automation for various workflow processes such as tasks, calendar, alerts and also by giving the managers the ability to track the performance as well as the productivity based on the information logged within the system.

Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP):
Enterprise Resource Planning is a software tool which is built to collect and manage data from different levels of industries to deliver the resources of services and management within the loop of business firms based on backend software functions. The major areas where ERP can be integrated is planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, human resources. It is a process by which a company can manage and integrate the important parts of the business system. The important goal of the enterprise is to facilitate the flow of data so that business can be data-driven simultaneously.

Fusion Financials:
Fusion Financials is a platform for transforming the data access usage with real-time intelligence in a native manner .It is a full-fledged financial management ecosystem which consists of varieties of suites of applications such as account payables, taxes, account receivables, general ledger, cash management, fixed assets, and expenses. Fusion Financials is a globalized application and a benchmark to help end users by increasing their business processes.

Supply Chain Management(SCM):
SCM is driven to particular areas of engineering operations and business processes which are useful for a comprehensive approach in the business field simultaneously. Basically, the marketing channels play an important role in supply chain management .SCM can be termed as the management flow of goods and services which involves the movement of work in process from point of origin to point of consumption. Here the interlinked networks, channels, and node businesses are combined in the provision of products and services which are required by end customers in a supply chain wing.

Oracle Fusion Training:
We provide the best of the services pertaining to Oracle Fusion Training courses which are very compatible and considered as one of the standardized training courses with a high-quality teaching by a World-class curriculum and Classroom web training across the globe. When you are trying to take a course by our training from us, it generally reminds that you are learning from the creators and industry experts of the products which you use. Our commitment towards IT community, along with our authorization to deliver courses and training to technocrats, corporates, job –professionals, students from various diversified fields and also we ensure you to receive a premium training experience through our course content. We assure you our best of services by carving your skill set through our well-furnished training programs.

Oracle Fusion Finance Online Training

Among various online training providers, ERPTREE is offering best one-to-one oracle fusion finance online training, it is said to be one of the leading online training provider, which provides different courses on all technical subjects but it gives importance to fusion finance and provides vital data to users in training. Learning in online from our oracle experts and improve chances to get well-trained and certified. It provides oracle fusion finance online training across all major areas of the world. We are happy to say that our training in online has been rated as the leading online trainer in information technology for its way of teaching method.

About Oracle Training Experts:

We have more than ten years of hands-on oracle fusion applications and its suite and have well-experienced oracle experts for its teaching. They deliver a high-quality of data for students and on-job professionals with new methods of teaching in latest technologies. We provide training for thousands of users from basic level to advanced level and in-depth so that one can handle oracle projects in a simple way. We are offering online training courses all over the globe and many learners had already trained their e-training successfully. Our experts have the dedication of excelling in their positions and works with the cumulative vision to offer the best training for students. We not only center on achieving the course concepts but also focus on the overall growth of the students in order to make them achieve their goals in financials.

  • We have real-time experienced oracle experts and are appreciated through worldwide.
  • We provide self-paced videos and instance fusion access for practice.
  • We teach across all major locations of the globe in the financial system.
  • They even motivate and teach in an interesting way from basic level to advanced level.
  • Oracle Fusion Finance Online Training is helpful to improve your financial business firms, increase business and decrease costs.

Oracle Fusion Finance Training

Oracle Fusion Finance is a subset of Oracle Fusion Applications. These are the group of products build to store and analyze financial information on a worldwide basis. It reduces time exhausted on ineffective searches done by consumers with the specific information they need at right time. With fusion finance, the system does more of the thinking for you by providing real-time business intelligence in the organization within the circumstance of a business transaction to guide your decisions.

In this oracle fusion finance, you learn how to deliver a complete solution that includes

  • Oracle Fusion Finance: General Ledger
  • Oracle Fusion Finance: Account Payables
  • Oracle Fusion Finance: Account Receivables
  • Oracle Fusion Finance: Fixed Assets
  • Oracle Fusion Finance: Cash Management
  • Oracle Fusion Finance: Human Resources
  • Oracle Fusion Finance: Purchasing
  • Oracle Fusion Finance: Financials Inventory
  • Oracle Fusion Finance: Order Management

Oracle Fusion Finance Training classes prove that they are very much helpful for all those students, on-job professionals who are concerned to pursue the best training but they can’t attend classroom training classes because of some other reasons or other. Our training provider gained the standard reputation through worldwide for its way of teaching. It has set a new standard in internet-based classes by providing high-quality training through the internet. Apart from traditional classroom training, many of them are enrolling for online training provided by our oracle team.

We provide oracle cloud finance training to improve your financial business firm. Learning your dream subject will give best results in your professional career and you can reach your goal. End users working with fusion cloud financials can experience the simple and fast effective ways of implementations, so various business started implementing these cloud applications.

Oracle Fusion Financials

Oracle Fusion Financials: Oracle Fusion Financials is a suite of Oracle Fusion Applications, which revolutionizes the information access with real-time intelligence and native. It is said to be a complete financial management solution which is completely open and standard-based application that can be easily combined in a service-oriented architecture. Oracle Fusion Applications help you to improve performance, decrease IT costs, and get better results.

Unlike normal financial applications, the financials consider the reporting, decision-making support, and productivity. The oracle fusion financials offers the core functions such as a general ledger – journals and allocations, accounts payable – pay supplier invoices, accounts receivables – invoice customers, cash management, and fixed assets.

New Standard for Reporting:

There are many different reporting requirements within the finance organization. The Chief Financial Officer needs financial analysts need to analyze ledger balances, professional-quality financial statements, and other users need to create transactional queries. A unique complaint from all these professionals is that the information is spread over across multiple sources and is the outdated, inaccurate, and time-consuming process to collect.

Oracle Fusion Financials delivers a state-of-the-art reporting stage that is natively constructed on top of an analytic data form. One-step posting from transactions to the logical data model ensures consistent, accurate information, and timely for both management and outside reporting. All the reports work off the same information and support drill-downs to live data transactions. All queries and reports are truthful to the minute, providing multidimensional analytics without the need for a different data warehouse.

New Standard for Decisions:

Financial users, particularly those doing data entry work, often have some data to complete transactions. The recent studies show that some of the organizations and workers are wasting some cent of their day in searching for the point of information overload, and the companies are spending the equivalent of salary expenses on employees for searching ineffective data. This leads to duplicate efforts, faulty decisions and lost productivity.

For this situation, oracle fusion financials lowers time wasted on ineffective data searches by users with the particular information they need at the correct time. Configurable, task-based dashboards combine the information from different sources, proactively observe the processes, and throw exceptions to various finance roles so they can take instant action. The users have to log in to know exactly what they want to do. With the use of oracle fusion financials, the system does more thinking for the user by providing decision making and real-time intelligence within the circumstances of a business transaction to guide your decisions.

The value comes from the General Accounting Manager console is the fact that – no one had to go all over the place, no one have to go and extract the data and get somebody else involved in it. No one had to get login into another system and one can do everything from anywhere. 

New Standard for Productivity:

Financial firms are statically trying to find ways to improve more productivity with less cost. Unfortunately, transaction processing dominates much of financials workload. Fusion Financials dramatically reduce the costs of resource-intensive job. Native spreadsheet technology provides a native extension to transactional entry to support high-volume data entry across most finance systems. Innovative out-of-the-box imaging integration radically improves invoice creation and should eliminate the costly third-party solutions. In addition, Fusion Financials is build to work the way financial users work on a daily basis. All pages are configured and optimized for the most productive user experience.